Custom backing track

Each backing track and instrumental version is exclusive and individually compiled with great care and respect.

We use the latest studio technology (sound, recording, etc…) and focus at the beginning on the musicality to guarantee truly inspired productions. This gives the impression that there are real musicians playing alongside you without the disagreeable side of a machine "playing the notes" to be found in most backing tracks or bottom of the market karaoke and more suitable for amateurs and than for true professionals.

This is why we play each part of the orchestration in real time after carefully transcribing by ear, and only use programming when it is really necessary so that we can keep the human touch and feel in our studio recordings or live originals.

Listen to the excerpts below so that you hear just what we mean

Our production/delivery dates are quick and always maintained.
Our rates are very competitive for this type of high quality made to measure productions.


Extraits de play-back :

Custom made tracks allow you to choose your key if necessary, change the structure or even have a different arrangement as compared to the original

It's a wonderful opportunity to be able to create the precise instrumental version that you wish for

High quality custom tracks are no longer an inaccessible luxury. Each professional performer can use our services and build up a wide repertoire of material thanks to our affordable prices

Russia with love
My funny valentine, arrangement Eric Miller
Island of love, Kathy Troccoli, with backing vocals
Different corner, George Michael, acoustic version & backing vocals
It's probably me, Vanessa Rubin
So many rivers to cross, Marcia Ball
Out of the sunrise, Joe Satriani
Helpless, version Kd Lang
All or nothing, theory of a deadman
Josephine, Chris Rea
Somewhere under the sun, Daniel O'Donnell
Cabaret (live)
Take it all, Marion Cotillard

** arrangement protégé. Il est formellement interdit de le reproduire sans notre autorisation

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How does backing track production work?

  • After your personalised quote has been accepted, you send us the original title or titles in MP3 format by post or email (files of less than 10 Mo per email)
  • You give us the essential details- for instance, if you'd like a different key, a different structure or arrangement etc…
  • We supply your backing track carefully produced, mixed and mastered in wav 16 bits + mp3 format sampled at 320kb/s. We can under conditions deliver the separate tracks