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The backing track for I WAS HERE is extraordinary! You are a so very talented and I most appreciative. I will most certainly be back in touch with you when I need another backing track.
With gratitude, Scott
The backing track is perfect! Thank you very much. You've done an amazing job on this. I will definitely use your services in the future.
Wow! I was just about to send you the MP3 for the song, and here you got it done already! It sounds very accurate, and it is just different enough to have an original sound to it. I like it a lot. You did an amazing job here!!!
I think I will have another project for you in the next couple of months. "I'll See You In My Dreams" by Giant (original key). You do excellent work. I’m very pleased !
Bonjour Eric... The track sounds wonderful!!! I love this one! It is so much fun to sing and dance to this one. Thank you so much my dear friend for a stellar job as you always do!
Love Michele
Hi Eric, thanks for the backing track. You really did a great job! The song is wonderful. Well done! Thanks once again. Regards,
Aaron from Malta
Hi Eric Thank you for producing a top quality backing track, I am extremely pleased with the quality of the track. Thank you for creating a sound that is so similar but different and in such a quick turnaround. My very best regards Gary Gary Butler Universal A&R Promotion Management A Division of The Multimedia Group (UK)
Eric, you really did a fantastic job and I can tell you you made me cry ! to listen at my song once totally re-arranged is something very special. a great feeling, a great emotion. thanks again. you are very very talented.
Heinz from Germany
Hi Eric, Thanks for all of the songs I am having a ball with them!! They sound Great =)
Darlene from USA
Your arrangement and composition were a HUGE Hit at Sarah & Eric’s wedding on July 25th. THANK YOU, MON AMI !!!
Glenn from USA
Eric, well I really understand why you’re so successful in France !! and I really can tell there’s a french touch I never heard anywhere else. bravo maestro.
Jonas from Sweeden
bonjour Mr Miller, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii what brilliant awesome work, more to drive me completely crazy. By the way send us some more and we'll end up making a masterpiece.
Hi Eric, You've done far more for these arrangements than I ever expected. Since I've downloaded "le doudou de papa" my daughter aged 8 hasn't stopped listening to it. I hope I'm not boring you when I say thanks again: Merci. A.R (Children's author and composer)
bonjour mr Miller I've just listened to your arrangement of "d'amoureux d'elle", It brought tears to my eye. I don't think I've ever heard anything like that in my life, thank you and I'll definitely be in touch for the next song.
E.B (singer/songwriter)
Hi, thanks for the speed, efficiency and above all the quality of your work, it's perfect... we're talking to madame LOPEZ about including you in our press pack and show programmes… this show is going on a national tour and will be on at the théatre du chatelet for 2 months in 2009.
P.R (productions francis.lopez)
I've just received the backing track of "l'amour est cerise", thank you very much. It's as good as ever! my very best wishes.
c.p (professional singer)
Hi mr Miller. Your work is just amazing, high quality, beautifully done arrangements. Nothing to say other than a huge thank you.
MR (éditions marc reift-suisse-)
Wow!!! The break dancing and the whole sound, it'll really do the trick !!!!! Fantastic... I'm gonna show them tonite, M E R C I F O R T H I S M A G N I F I C.E.N.T P A R T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOODNESS WE MET YOU THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN. s.g (gospel right spirit singers)
Bonjour ! Just great ! Thanks for the song. We love it.
l.r. (label bleu citron)
Thanks so much for your fantastic work! It's brilliant, mind blowing even. But also thanks for finishing this backing track so fast. It's as good as I'd hoped (even better) and I'm so pleased I came to you.
c.r (professional opera singer)
Hello, Just a quick word to say that I've received your CD. I found it in my letter box at lunchtime... I felt like a little girl opening her present at Christmas.
i.m (les arts de la scène-Belgique)
Bonjour Mr Miller, I received your CD this morning with the 2 backing tracks. And HONESTLY, the 2 pieces are of a amazing quality... its fantastic! And believe it or not but coming from me that’s a real compliment.
t.g (cie novia)
Monsieur miller you're turning our songs into gems. You've certainly put in all your heart and soul not just your great expertise and professionalism a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.
p.d (singer songwriter)
Hi Eric and Well done for the backing track.... I love the personal side you've added in the la feria which sounds great and which works really well on stage... the rest is also very good, always professional and as always I'm very pleased with the work... thanks again and à bientot... Cheers
b.s (impersonator)
Here you go !!! I must say you've worked like a trojan !!! anyway well done for the quality of your work. You're such a star... Thanks again & see you soon!
tom (magician-singer)
I've just read your message, sorry it's taken a while to reply, you've done some great work, it's just what we wanted. Thank you and have a good week-end.
g.r (production g.r.)
Hi Eric! I've received the cd, I found it when I got in this evening and couldn't wait to listen to it straight away... WONDERFUL M.A.G.N.I.F.I.Q.U.E! In your last message you said you hoped I wouldn't be disappointed... Believe me, once again you've created something fantastic! THANKS AGAIN AND SEE YOU SOON!
s.d. (Canadian singer)